Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppies – Poland

On the day of May 17th 2017, in the Perfect Friend home breeders in Poland, 8 Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppies were born.


Three of those cute puppies are awaiting new owners:
Two are golden and one gold-and-white, with a lightly rusty tint.
The puppies are ready to leave the breeders.
Every puppy is fully vaccinated, is microchipped and will receive an FCI certificate and a vet’s inspection protocol.

The puppies have been tought to walk on a lead, do their physiological business outside, and enjoy car rides.

Father: JChPL,ChPL CHRIST CHILD Fransimo Bohemia

Mother: A’TARA STAR RED Darce stesti

The puppies will be free from genetic diseases (L2HGA & HC)

Dog breeders’ Facebook profile (in Polish):ów-rasy-Labrador-i-Staffordshire-bull-terrier-496893307031117

The dogs can be picked up by car, or by plane as a passenger or carry-on (not as checked-in luggage).

The breeders do not speak English, so please write a message including your phone number, and they will call back with an interpreter.

Perfect Friend
Sylwia Bialek
49-130 Opole

E-mail address
Phone number

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