Have you seen a little Pomeranian?


The American media named this breed “the Cutest dog on the Internet”. Pomeranian is very popular and fashionable, so now we have a real craze for Pomeranians.

The German Toy Spitz, also known under the name Pomeranian, Pomerania Spitz and Boo dog. This breed originated in the province of Pomerania in Germany. It is small but it is known for their intelligence, easy and fast learning. Sociable and doesn’t like loneliness, loves children, but doesn’t allow children to treat it too harshly, so it is not recommended for children of young ages. It is not demanding, likes short walks and its favorite toys, with which it can play for hours.

Can you travel with Pomeranian?

Because of its short stature, you can take this breed with you wherever you go, whether it’s for a walk or a visit to a friend, whether you ride a bike, travel by car or by plane. Pomeranian is light as a hand luggage. 🙂 

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