Sarplaninac dog breed – Made in Serbia



Sarplaninac got its name from the mountain where it was bred, Sar Planina in Serbia.

First it was officially registered by the name of Illyrian Shepherd dog, which was later changed to Yugoslav shepherd dog – Sharplaninac.

It was bred for guarding the flocks of sheep. It has an instinct to hunt, even when young, so it should be thought in early age not to do so.

This breed shouldn’t live indoors because it needs lots of exercise.

What makes Sarplaninac dog breed special?

They are highly intelligent and when they are trained and socialized well, they show gentle nature and serenity. They are loyalty and they show love for children. It’s devoted to its owner and acts as a protector of its family since it sees them as a herd. It acts aggressively only when he thinks there is a threat to his herd.

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