Samoyed Dog breed – Samoiedskaya



Samoyed is a breed which originated in the Russian province of Siberia. It has a pure white, soft and dense fur.

It’s related to Siberian Husky, and is, as its relative, used for hauling sledges. It has an important role in the expeditions to the North and South Pole .

It was used as a shepherd dog and guard dog, but today it is widespread all over the world as a pet.

Its appearance provokes admiration, it’s graceful, elegant, and strong .

What can you expect from Samoyed?

Its temperament is mild, gentle and playful, which leads to excellent relationship with children. These dogs are stubborn and they need training, which should be based on patience and love, because they don’t tolerate harsh training.They bark and mischief when neglected. They need a lot of games and are usually active until very old age.

This breed tolerates low temperatures well, while the owners should avoid taking their Samoyed’s for a walk during hot weather.

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