The only one beautiful Shar Pei dog breed !

Shar Pei

Shar Pei

Shar Pei is a breed that comes from China. Original Chinese type of Shar Pei doesn’t look like its Western relative. It has much less skin and it’s taller with different jaws.

The name of this breed means sandy coat. Pictures on pottery suggest the breed had existed even as far back as 206 BC and some documents confirm that it was used as a guard dog. It was very popular and as a fighting dog or even a hunter.

This dog’s handler should be confident and dominant, otherwise it can become territorial or agressive. It fits nicely into life in an apartment if it’s provided with regular walks. Intelligent, playful, active, dominant, and brave, it bonds with its family, but is not unfriendly toward strangers. It’s dedicated, balanced and cuddly towards children if socialized well.

What makes Shar Pei unique?

Not resistant to disease, so it should be well nurtured. It drools a lot especially when he feels pain, but it is one of the cleanest breeds that learns quickly.

If socialized, gets well with other animals. It doesn’t like water, so it’s trying to avoid swimming in all possible ways. Sensitive to heat and should be provided with a lot of shade and fresh water during the hot periods.

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