Maltese dog is not a toy, but so cute!


Maltese dog is the perfect house dog which will make you happy every day!

Funny, provocative and gentle, it has a lively temperament, and it is a very charming companion, very attached to its owner. Its best features are high strength and relentlessness. Maltese is a beautiful, smart little dog, with inexhaustible energy. Its luxurious coat requires great care.

It probably got its name because of the island of Malta, where they were purchased by the sailors who came from Egypt. As a result, they became one of the most popular breeds in the world.

What makes Maltese dog special and unique?

These little toy-like dogs soon became a favorite among wealthy women who took them anywhere they went. During the years and by crossing with various breeds, it became smaller and more interesting. It belongs to one of the oldest breeds of dogs. So,be proud if you are the owner of this beautiful, little babies. 

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