The Lion dog was created – Pekingese



Pekingese breed belongs to toy dog group, originated in China over 2000 years ago. It has a flat face with large eyes, it’s small with long, straight coat which can come in various colors.

It’s often used as show dog because of its remarkable appearance. A Chinese legend says that a lion fell in love with a monkey and asked Buddah to make it smaller so it can be with its loved one.

As a result of that, Fun Li, the lion dog was created. It is said that a Pekingese is a descendant of these dogs.

Like other small dog breeds it can develop Small Dog Sindrome, which would make it stubborn and even aggressive, jump and bark a lot, thinking that it’s the pack’s leader.

What makes Pekingese unique?

Peke is a little bit hard to train and is not good with children, because a Peke does’t tolerate harsh playing.

When they attach to their owner, Pekingeses are extremely brave and loyal protector. If they are socializes as puppies, they probably won’t be aggressive when they mature.

Theys are indoor dogs, they shouldn’t live outside. They don’t do well in heat.

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