Great Dane (Deutsche dogge) – Gentle Giant

Great Dane

Great Dane

The Great Dane is a breed with great history. It appeared in 16th century as people imported big, tall dogs from England to Europe.

Because of the breed’s graciousness it found its place in courts, where it was used as a guard, protector, companion and a hound. These dogs are very durable, able to go long distances and have strength to hunt even then.

It is a very big dog, with an extraordinary temperament, but as much gentle, so it’s suitable for families.

It’s loyal, and loves unconditionally.

What makes Great Dane special?

These dogs are great guard dogs because of their loyalty and attachment, so they are very reserved with strangers.This breed loves children and playing with them. It’s playful, patient and cuddly, as strange as it sounds, considering its size.

These dogs need a lot of space, food and walking due to their size. Although a Great Dane might think that it can sit in your lap, it’s not recommended to keep them indoors, or in small spaces.

The Great Dane is one of the most peaceful breeds. So it’s children’s best friend, and it justifies its nickname ‘Gentle Giant’.

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