Eurasier dog breed – Kid’s best Friend!



Eurasier was developed by crossing male Chow-Chow and female Wolf Spitz, when Julius Wipfel from Germany came up with the idea to create a family dog that will suit his wishes.

It was not only by chance that I found the ‘Lorenz-Literature’. The accidental mating between a Chow and German Shepherd caught my eye, the description of the wonderful character of that Chow-offspring fascinated me immediately”. (J.Wipfel)

The breed was officially recognized in 1973. Breeders primarily gave this breed a name “Wolf-Chows”. Later gave it a different name Eurasier.

What makes Eurasiers unique?

Dogs of this breed are famous for a combination of the best features of Chow and Spitz, so they are very attractive, elegant and clean. Their main advantage is that they aren’t noisy. They are ideal for families with children, because they are faithful, cheerful, lively and they love children.

Also, this breed of dog tolerates other pets. Eurasier is an ideal dog for the house.

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