Doberman Pinscher – dangerous intentions



Doberman is an elegant breed since late 19th century. It was developed in Germany by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, after crossing several breeds.

With careful socialization and obedience training, Doberman can be an excellent guard dog.

They can be an exceptional police and war dog, but also a good pet.
They are characterized by intelligence, reliability, fearlessness , loyalty and good nature. So, you should be very careful with this dog breed.

What makes Doberman Pinscher unique?

These dogs are not aggressive towards their owners nor to other people who are not a threat to them. But, Dobermans are among the most-likely breeds to show aggressive behavior toward strangers and other dogs.

If not exercised, they are likely to become irritable or even aggressive. Special attention should be paid to training them carefully.

They are very cheerful and active, require long walks. In winter it is best for them to be in a warm room. They do not require special grooming.

So, enjoy with your pet! Seems like you will have a great friend and excellent bodyguard!

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