Chocolate Lab Puppies make Dreams come true!

Chocolate Lab Puppies

Chocolate Lab Puppies

Chocolate Lab Puppies appeared during 1800’s as a result of crossbreeding dogs from North Europe. At the time black Labs were popular, so Labs that came in brown color weren’t desirable. In spite of that, chocolate ones still exist.

People use them as show, or field dogs. There is slight difference between the two. Show Chocolate Labs need training, lots of exercise and socialization, while a field Lab needs to have a job because they have higher level of energy. Toy finding, or retrieving is ideal.

They are also different in appearance. Show Chocolate Lab have a shorter and heavier body with thicker tail. Field ones have thinner head with long nose and longer legs. The two types don’t exist as a standard, but they come from different breeding lines.

What is important to know about Chocolate Lab Puppies?

These dogs can weigh between 25 and 36 kg when they grow up. Their owners should feed them carefully because they can easily become overweight. They should also have a lot of exercise since they can sometimes be lazy, in order to prevent this. This is number one breed in the list of dogs prone to obesity. If they weigh around 45 kg, they are considered to be obese. 

Labradors often run away due to their excellent sense of smell. If they feel a scent, they can’t resist the feeling that they must follow it. They won’t stray from the path until they find the origin of the scent. This characteristic is more common with field type of Chocolate Labs. These field dogs can often be disobedient and noisy because of their fun – loving spirit. They need firm handling even as puppies. If not handled properly, they become problematic. Other than that, these dogs are kind and very good with children and other animals.

They are not good guard dogs because they are not territorial or suspicious of strangers. Labradors don’t bark a lot, so they aren’t noisy. They will bark only when they hear strange and unknown noise. Labs are one of the most intelligent breeds. Combining this fact, with their calm and steady temperament, they are one of the best dogs for search and rescue, therapy and detection.

This breed’s hair is short and usually sheds two times a year, depending on climate they live in. It comes in black and brown color.

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