Please, Carefully with the Congo Basenji

Congo Basenji

Congo Basenji

Congo Basenji comes from Africa and there is evidence that it existed in the ancient Egypt 5000 years ago.

It was used as a hunting dog or as a guide by native tribes in Congo and it was imported in Europe in 20th century.

Basenji, or Congo dog looks athletic and elegant, with its long legs and thin build. It has short coat that almost doesn’t shed at all, and Basenji cleans itself, so it doesn’t have the odor like most dogs.

Considering that, and the fact that this breed almost never barks, it’s suitable for life in apartment, despite its energetic temperament, providing that the owner takes it for daily walks or jogs. Also, training and socialisation are esssential if you want this dog to be your pet.

What makes Congo Basenji unique?

Keep in mind that it won’t go smoothly with this dog. It has a strong chasing instinct and it can be aggressive with strangers and other animals. If trained properly, your Congo dog can be a great, affectionate pet that you’ll love spending time with.
It’s famous for the howling sound it makes instead of barking, which resembles yodling.

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