Bernese Mountain Dog such a Great Friend

Bernese Mountain

First of all, Bernese Mountain dog will improve the quality of your life. They are faithful, intelligent and stable. Most Bernese dogs are very friendly towards people and other dogs. They are hungry for love and attention, so you should prepare for happyness 🙂 .

For centuries, it has been bred in the area around Bern at the foot of the Swiss Alps, more precisely, around Burgdorf. It was used as a guard dog, hound, cattle dog. Due to its origin and constitution, it takes coldness very well, which is a very important information for people who can’t keep their pets indoors. So, this is the great news for people who wants to keep their pets in backyards.

What makes Bernese Mountain unique?

Sure of its strength, it’s very fierce in defense, but it’s not a breed prone to biting. It carries out all the tasks assigned and it’s easily trained. Bernese Mountain loves to be of use, rather then sleep all the time.

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