Beautiful bear, lifeguard Newfoundland



This breed originated in Newfoundland in Canada. It’s considered a very strong dog and one of the most distinctive characteristics of this breed is the ability to extract a drowning man from the water. As a result, its nick name became : lifeguard.

These dogs were used for towing wagons and in various rescue campaigns after shipwrecks. They are highly loyal and gentle, easily trained and wonderful with children. They make ideal working dogs.

This breed became famous because of the guardian dog called ‘Nana’ in cartoon “Peter Pan.”

It easily recognizes good or bad intentions of the people it meets, and when it finds itself in a dangerous situation this dog acts calmly, which makes it react quickly and in the best way if needed. It is obviously that its size makes its brave, because it belongs to the biggest dog breeds in the world.

Few tips and tricks about Newfoundland.

It has a deep bark. It is easy to train and can sleep outdoors. Newfoundland dog usually gets along with other animals well , likes a lot of games and enjoys the outdoors and nature. So, it would be better to have a big backyard for this dog. Probably it would be happier outside, rather then be in small house.

This dog is highly recommended because it posses everything to be the best friend, loyal fellow, and the scariest bodyguard.

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