B2B Partner Program – Business Opportunity

The B2B Partner Program is designed to provide registered business with a great opportunity to generate revenue through the sale of ads and most important of all, it is easy and free.

It is our highly recommendation on how to make your business more profitable.

We offering the highest percentages in the industry.

Our commission structure includes higest commissions for new customers, repeat customers, old repeat customers, and even 2nd tier commissions!

Please contact us for more information.

This great opportunity is available to any registered business from any country in the Europe.

It’s time to start earning money for yourself. Join now and enjoy the benefits:


Being treated as a privileged business partner and payments made on time every month.

Great Revenues & Customers for life

As an bussiness partner you will earn money every time a customer purchase yearly or monthly advertisment based on your acquisition and you will get paid on all repeat sales.

Online Reporting

You will be able to track your volume sales and earnings monthly.

Great Marketing Tools

A wide variety of powerful marketing tools that sell to enhance your customer aqusition (sales).

Generous multi-tiered commission structure

You even earn % for new sales and % for repeat sales out of the sales volume of referrals.

Training & Support

Professional account executives will lend you their marketing expertise to help build your business to even higher levels and they will answer you promptly every time you have a question.