Azawakh – something like a Kangaroo



The Azawakh had been bred by nomads of the Sahara. In the countries of Burkin Faso, Niger and Algeria as guard or hunt dog for hundreds of years before it reached Europe in 1970’s.

It grows from 61 – 74 cm, and can weigh from 15-25 kg. Has long legs and provokes admiration for its athletic build. Raised to protect livestock, this breed loves running and is used to living in herd.

It’s highly social and do best when accompanied with another Azawakh. These dogs bond with their owner extremely and act very protectively, but aren’t agresive unless threatened.

They are independent dogs with strong memory but like company, and being close to their family.

It’s best for them to live outdoors, provided that it isn’t cold outside since they come from Africa, these dogs prefer hot weather.

What makes Azawakh unique?

Because of Azawakh’s high level of energy and love for running, they are great companions for jogging, they can run as much as you like and speed up to 65 km per hour.

They can be dominant and strong – willed so they need a firm hand, and timely socialization in order for them to be calm and affectionate. If that’s not the case, they can be fearful, shaky and frightened, even aggressive.

If you wish to have an Azawakh as a pet, you will have trouble finding a puppy since it’s a rare breed. And you should be ready to pay a high price. Azawakh’s coat comes in various colors. It sheds moderately.

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Photo source: Wikipedia

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