Always ready for Action – Airedale Terrier



Airedale terrier is the tallest terrier and it was developed in Yorkshire in early 19th century for hunting small game or even big sometimes.

This dog is very intelligent and has a mind of its own. It’s not easy teaching it to be obedient because of its stubbornness and headstrongness.

It has all the traits that terriers have, which includes digging, barking and chasing. If you need someone to jog with, this dog will do it gladly since it loves running.

Despite the fact that Airedale is loving and devoted if trained well and wants to please its owner, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if your Airedale runs away chasing some smaller animal due to its prey drive.

It must have obedience training because it can show aggressiveness towards smaller animals, or a person who treated it harshly.

Where have you should keep Airedale terrier?

It can be protective and lively companion, always ready for action and also makes a good house dog if exercised enough. But it’s best for it to live outdoors as a great watchdog.

Its coat isn’t hard for grooming. It just needs to be combed couple times a week, and plucked twice a year.
Its favorite activity is chewing things.

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